Code of Conduct

Every member and visitor is expected to follow our academy's code of conduct. To ensure everyone's safety and well-being, please take a look at the following:

  1. Always be respectful to everyone on and off the mat.

  2. Please bow when entering and leaving the mat area.

  3. If you are late, please wait for permission from the instructor to join the class.

  4. Do not leave the mat during class without permission of the instructor.

  5. Please keep all your belongings in the designated area.

  6. Always compliment your training partner before and after training.

  7. Talking should be kept to a minimum while the instructor is demonstrating the technique.

  8. Please do not hold any submission longer than necessary.

  9. Please physically or verbally tap.

  10. Please wear a clean, dry GI or clothing to class.

  11. Please wear a shirt or rash guard under your GI top.

  12. Always wear your shoes or sandals when you are off the mat.

  13. Always wear a shirt or rash guard inside the academy.

  14. All jewelry and other items should be removed when training.

  15. Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed and clean.

  16. Shoes, food, or drinks are not allowed on the mat at any time.

  17. Please do not coach your children during class.

  18. Please do not come to class sick or with any contagious skin condition.

  19. The class begins and ends with a bow.

  20. No ringtones on cell phones during class.

  21. Face the wall when fixing your GI or tying your belt.

  22. Make sure to keep your hands and feet clean before stepping on the mat.